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An Open Letter To Sleep

An Open Letter To Sleep

It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve fallen so in love with my life that I can’t seem to find anything I’m willing to give up in order to hang with you more.

Past Jess

A Letter To Myself, On The First Day Of Grade Nine

Dear J-Beau, Put down that copy of Tiger Beat for a moment to please read this important time-travelling message from future you. Hello. This is 28-year-old Jess writing to 13-year-old Jessica (FYI the -ica will be eliminated in your twenties for efficiency). It has come to my attention that you are going to begin your… Read More »

Anne's first thrift store shirt

A Love Letter To Thrift Stores

If you are a thrift store, I want you bad. It’s a bold, direct way to say it, I know, but that’s the only way to do this. I mean, if I’ve learned anything from hours rummaging and combing through racks of gently (or not-so-gently) used merchandise, it’s that if you see something, you go… Read More »