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Shut Up, Selfies! Pressure, Competition and Showoff Culture

We live in a society of showoffs. Some say that sexual freedom defines our generation, or tech-savviness, or pure and realized laziness, but I respectfully disagree. In my (extremely un-objective) opinion, I think it is the shameless need to boast that plagues today’s twenty-somethings. It’s this constant desire to prove ourselves: look at my clothes,… Read More »


Mindy Kaling Can Date Whomever She Damn Well Pleases

“What is up with that girl? She only dates white guys!” This isn’t the kind of criticism that you hear about most characters on TV, but it is one that has been lobbed over and over at Mindy Kaling, creator and star of The Mindy Project. Critics and fans alike have been regularly questioning Mindy’s… Read More »


Thirty Thoughts at Thirty

My 20th birthday was spent with a few friends popping a cheap bottle of champagne in my university dorm room wearing way too low jeans, a baby tee and some kind of fly girl hat that I really had no business wearing. Yes, I turned 20 in first year university because Ontario was weird back… Read More »


No Prudes at Pride, Please

Trustees of the Toronto District School Board are asking City Hall to ensure that there will be no nudity in the city’s annual Pride Parade, as they’ve chosen to include a float this year. According to the motion put forth by trustees Sam Sotiropoulos, Irene Atkinson and John Hastings, the nudity at Pride “raises legal… Read More »


A Love Letter to My Body

It’s National Eating Disorder Week. While I’ve never been diagnosed with a full-fledged disorder, I have had my struggles with my body—I don’t know many women who haven’t—and I think, this week more than ever, our bodies are due for some proper acknowledgment. Here’s mine. Dear Awesome Bod, We’ve had our share of issues. As much… Read More »


The Straight White Man Effect

At last weekend’s Grammy Awards Macklemore swept the rap category, performed his pro-gay marriage megahit “Same Love” while 30 couples got hitched and took his rightful place as the ambassador to all things relating to gay marriage, hip hop and the LGBT community.  Wait, what? Okay, that didn’t really happen. But ever since the release… Read More »


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