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A Love Letter to Rainy Summer Days

To you, Rainy Summer Day, I don’t know how to say this subtly, so I’ll just say it: I love you. So much. Like Adam Levine loves his own shirtless body; Like Colin Firth loves Elizabeth Bennett in BBC’s “Pride and Prejudice.” You are Elizabeth, and I am Colin, and I am asking you to… Read More »


How I Finally Spoke Up to a Catcaller

I was 11 the first time I felt was catcalled. I was walking home from the library, wearing the baggy clothes I used to hide a body I didn’t like anymore because it was bigger than everybody else’s. I bent down to tie up a shoelace when someone whistled at me from a car and… Read More »


An Open Letter to Brett Lawrie and His Moustache

Dear Brett, A few questions for you. What? When? How? But most importantly, why? WHY? WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY AUHGAUAGHGAUAHGUGAHUGAHHGAUGAH. Confused? GOOD. Because now you know how I felt on Tuesday evening when I went to the Blue Jays game and saw that you had somehow, over the course of a day, gotten yourself a teen-stache. At first… Read More »


The Phrase “I Don’t Get Along With Women” is a Load of Crap

A non-linear conversation prompted my relatively-new-friend-who-feels-like-an-old-one to explain her plans for painless aging: “If I make to it to 85, I’m going to start doing heroin.” “Are you making a Little Miss Sunshine reference?” I asked. “I’m glad you caught that,” she said. I chuckled, trying to ignore the familiar thought entering my mind: “This is… Read More »


Shut Up, Selfies! Pressure, Competition and Showoff Culture

We live in a society of showoffs. Some say that sexual freedom defines our generation, or tech-savviness, or pure and realized laziness, but I respectfully disagree. In my (extremely un-objective) opinion, I think it is the shameless need to boast that plagues today’s twenty-somethings. It’s this constant desire to prove ourselves: look at my clothes,… Read More »


Mindy Kaling Can Date Whomever She Damn Well Pleases

“What is up with that girl? She only dates white guys!” This isn’t the kind of criticism that you hear about most characters on TV, but it is one that has been lobbed over and over at Mindy Kaling, creator and star of The Mindy Project. Critics and fans alike have been regularly questioning Mindy’s… Read More »


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