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The Ups and Downs of Being an Only Child

I am an only child. Thus, as you are probably aware, I am a selfish jerk. Thanks to some asshole named G. Stanley Hall, an early nineteenth American psychologist, peeps throw around the term “only child syndrome” like they’re all experts in someone’s biology and expect/assume me to be a spoiled, self-entitled brat. Hall even… Read More »

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What I Don’t Miss About Being a Server

I have the utmost respect for anyone who works in the service industry because I myself fought in those grimy trenches for years. I’ve known the panic of getting slammed with five new tables at once. I’ve felt the sting of what it’s like to be “in the weeds.” I’ve forgotten to bring an angry… Read More »


Why I’m Starting to Talk on the Phone More

I was settled on the couch one Saturday afternoon at my parents’ house, just chillin’ with a book, when the landline suddenly rang. I was so taken aback from this strange occurrence that I froze. It eventually stopped ringing somehow, some way, and then I got an earful from my mom for refusing to answer… Read More »


On (Not) Making Decisions

In the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I make choices. I have never been very good at decisions. Generally, when presented with options of any kind I spend hours—days, even—spinning my mental wheels, circling around the pros and cons and possible outcomes of every choice I could make. The… Read More »


The Moment Before Spring is Just as Beautiful as the Moment Spring Arrives

You know the feeling. Your heart races. Sweaty-palmed and kitten-brained, focusing on the new episode of True Detective proves a challenge.  You lose sleep, you don’t sleep.  Food seems unimportant, even tacos bore you.  Hormones rage.  Just can’t…stop… thinking… about that one, glorious thing. GUYS, IT’S SPRING. (Squuueeeeeeeeaaaaaal.) Okay.  Minor caveat: I know there are still… Read More »


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