Toronto blogger and improv comedy champ Monica Heisey hones her skillz on the new Intel Ultrabook

First it was Micki in Vancouver, then Lindsay in Montreal and now Starbucks Drifter-Thunder Typer Monica Heisey, from Toronto, uses the Intel Ultrabook to perfect her writing process. Her and muppet friend also enjoy painting, together. #Awww.

“I had a fun time with the new Ultrabook,” or, MICROSOFT PAINT WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?

So, I’m a PC—sorry Justin Long. I got sent the new HP Intel Ultrabook to try out this week, and I was wooed away from my trusty ol’ iBook.

This byte-sized (…get it) laptop was kind of my ideal computer. Because of its light weight, the Ultrabook is ultra-portable and fits in any old handbag, meaning I can whip it out and get down to bidness anytime, anywhere. No coffee shop is safe.  As a ‘freelance writer’ aka Starbucks drifter, this really means a lot, and it was extremely liberating/a thumb life-saver to have a full keyboard and large screen available to me whenever I needed it. A girl’s gotta blog.

On a personal note, I enjoyed the fact that the keyboard is pretty subtle-sounding. I’m a bit of a ThunderTyper™, so it made me feel better to not be bothering everyone around me while my stocky thumbs and forefingers tap-a tap-a tap-a –ed away. Plus, it look goooood. It is like the tiny hammerhead shark of laptops: sleek and grey and I’m a bit scared that it’s more powerful than me even though it’s so small. Who knew it’s what’s on the inside that counts? (The Intel processor people, that’s who.)

In addition to getting my earl grey tea latte on, another important part of my Writing Process is watching hours and hours of television and films online instead of doing any writing at all. During the all-important procrastination phase, it is vital that my computer have enough battery life to last for lengthy viewings of educational and inspirational content. That’s what this fan-made video montage of Jason DeRulo saying his own name for fifty-seven minutes is, right? (Rhetorical. That’s exactly what that is.) (More like Jason DUH-Rulo.) (Killing it.)

Convenient size and speed—and instant-on start up, and HDTV streaming options, etc. etc.—aside, the real star of my return to the PC world was my glorious reunion with MS Paint. I don’t know how Apple, with all its apps, has avoided loading up their computers with a Paint-like program from the start, but I went 2007 Perez Hilton-style cray. It felt good. Really got the creative juices flowing. For evidence of this, please see the attached photo.

Je suis artiste.

Testing out new things is a great way to shake up your old routine, but now I just want this computer to be my new routine. It’s great y’all.

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