Twelve small changes for 2012

Last year we brainstormed 99 resolutions for 2011. We aren’t feeling creative enough to do 99 new ones for this year. Instead, we give you twelve achievable small things to do.

1. Clean out your closet and donate nice used clothing to Dress for Success for Toronto. 

2. Spend an evening this week getting crafty and make a vision board full of inspiring pictures and words to motivate you in 2012.

3. Practice gratitude by making a list of things you are grateful for before you go to bed each night.

4. Send a handwritten note to someone you care about for no real reason.

5. Choose four hearty soup recipes to conquer between now and Valentine’s day. 

6. Plan a day, in a month’s time, that is just for you. 

7. Pick one area in your home to organize: office, bedside clutter, front hall, cupboard of overflowing Tupperware or fridge. 

8. Read four novels by the end of February.

9. Create an organized filing system for all your bills and make 2012 the year you really get on top of your finances and never delay a credit card payment.

10. Instead of joining a gym, go to one class that appeals to you. We hear Zumba is the shit. 

11. Start to experiment with meditation and see how taking time to just breathe each day can change your life.

12. Make a slow dance playlist and spend an evening dancing close by candlelight.

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