What to do with wine that’s too gross to drink

For a lady on a budget, the loss of a half-bottle of wine can be tragic. This weird pressure builds–it’s going to go to waste!–and it becomes a battle with your culinary ingenuity, any available roommates and alcohol tolerance levels to get rid of those last three glasses before the weekend. Instead of necking a bottle of half-soured rosé over the course of a stressful episode of Homeland,why not try some of these alternate uses for the dregs of the weekend?

Cleaning house

Did you know that wine gets out wine? Red wine is one of the rudest stains out there, but its paler cousin is a highly effective cleaning agent! Pour some white wine onto some red, leave to soak and then gently wash off with cold water for some impressive stain removal. You can also pop some pinot grigio onto glasses for extra shine, or use to wash your fruits and veggies- the alcohol in it does away with bacteria and acidity.


Sloshed aunts love going on about antioxidants and with good reason. These little bad boys are good for your brain, can help fight cancer, and are good for your skin! You can use leftover wine as toner, or as a skin-softening bath soak. How luxurious is that?


Want to add new life to some old white fabric? Pop it in a pot of red wine! As discussed, that shit does NOT come out. Wine has been used as an organic fabric dye for centuries, and you can control how saturated you want the colour based on how long you leave your items in there. Purple panties for everyone!

Homemade vinegar

Wine that is spoiling is already on its way, so why not pop it in a bottle and make yourself some red or white wine vinegar for use at home? You can continue to top it up with miscellaneous leftovers as you go. Like a compost you can make a vinaigrette out of.

Freeze it for later

Fill an ice cube tray with your leftovers and you’ll always have some wine on hand to splash into risottos, stews and stocks. Plus imagine chilling your sangria with MORE sangria?! It just makes sense.

I mean, the other alternative is accepting your fate and making yourself a European Spritzer (Sprite + white, coke + red) or five, but no one can say you didn’t at least consider these alternatives. Cheers, ladies.

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