Valentine’s Day can be kind of a drag, even if you’re in a relationship—restaurants are all dolled up with fancy and expensive prix-fixes, there’s pressure to get a gift that’s just the right mix of cheesy, meaningful and chilled out, and you basically feel like you’re not allowed to have any disagreements in case you “ruin” the Day of Love for EVERYONE. And then if you’re single there’s the whole idea you’re supposed to feel bad or be sad or on the prowl or whatever. What a minefield.

Last Friday, on the Day Itself, we found ourselves at the Monarch Tavern, running away from the whole “Vday” thing to WORN Fashion Journal’s Heartbreak Karaoke. Touted as a night of sad songs for lonely hearts and general embittereds, what we got was actually the perfect mix of Valentine-y love! Love for friends, love for lovers, love for incredible red and pink outfits, and love for taking karaoke XXX-tremely surrious. Thanks, WORN! You got us the ultimate Valentine’s gift: a fun night out on the 14th of February! Photos below.