1. Thoughtful and beautiful, this Julie Moon Heart Brooch, $50, from Magic Pony is the perfect gift for a lady you love.

2. Have a pal who’s Leslie-Knope-passionate about our city? This Toronto Map Key Chain, $15, from Labour of Love is sure to be a hit!

3. Add a dash of 1960’s glamour to any bar with these gorg Celebration Geo Lowball Glasses, $40, from Indigo.

4. We’re obsessed with most Ban.do accessories, but this set of Girl Talk Bobbi Pins, $18, from Bicyclette might be our favourite thing yet!

5. Tell your BFF you heart her with this Marc by Marc Jacobs Slot Friendship Bracelet, $48, from Shobop. Take it a step further by engraving a special sentiment or emoji!

6. There’s at least one friend in your circle whose phone dies every.goddamn.day making it nearly impossible to make plans and get in touch with her. Still wondering what to get her? How about an eBay Holiday Collection Thakoon Limited Edition Mobile Charger, $28.82? HELP HER!

7. Okay, I lied. This Fawn Night Light Snow Globe is actually $60 but I couldn’t help myself. Night light and snow globe in one, this adorable trinket will bring a smile to anyone’s face. It also changes colours (5 in total!) and comes in a super cute gift box; we’re obsessed!

8. For your crafty and whimsical friend. You know the one, she handmakes your birthday cards and wraps gifts in craft paper and twine. She’ll love this Tokidoki DIY Unicorn, $30, from Magic Pony. Promise.

9. The only paws allowed on the dinner table. Paws Salt & Pepper Shaker, $36, from the Drake General Store.

10. It’s a mirror with cat ears. WHAT ELSE COULD ANYONE WANT FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Plum & Bow Cat Vanity Mirror, $32, from Urban Outfitters.