Tired of walking into stores only to find out the largest size they carry in the super cute outfit you’re eyeing is a 10? Annoyed that some stores carry plus size “lines” that are only available online, as though having you buying their stuff in-store would simply be TOO MUCH for them to handle? Ugh. I really don’t blame you/us. It’s tough out there for a girl with a butt/boobs/tummy/whatever. Which is weird because hello, Curves are IN. Unfortunately for us there are only a handful of clothing stores in this city that are aware of this.

Obviously we’d all rather shop in a store that celebrates the beauty of our voluptuous bodies, instead of having to drape our curves in a series of shapeless fabrics that make us feel and look like we’re each housing a small family within the folds. Your body is amazing, and you should dress it as such. Here are eleven great stores in Toronto that carry fashionable plus sizes (check links for location info and pics of each store’s wares!).

The clothing here is cuuuuute! True to its name, this store caters to sizes 14-24 for those of us with a little junk in our trunk/glove compartment/shoe box/I’m getting carried away here. The store was founded by former plus size model Angela Samuels. Her commitment to dressing plus size women is admirable and her knowledge of fashion is fantastic. Head to one of the store’s downtown locations to check out Voluptuous’ adorable outfits for yourself!

Tzatz Boutique
Carrying sizes 6-22, the best piece of information on their website is “we love stretch.” Me too, man. If you’re looking for comfortable clothing that highlights your assets without making your body feel like it’s being constricted, check out some of the styles at this store (they’ve also got great pajamas!).

Gussied Up
This Bathurst and Dupont boutique carries fun basics like leather-look jeggings and v-neck Ts, as well as perfect sundresses, retro-inspired one pieces, and outwear to die for. Its owner Victoria opened up shop after frustration with the plus size offerings available at mainstream stores, and has done us all a favour.

YES! If you’ve got some time to look through the racks here, you can find some pretty great, very reasonably-priced plus-sized gems. Don’t expect to run in and out of this store, however, this one is an afternoon hunting commitment.

Marshall’s is very similar to Winners in that you’ll need to come in with patience and some spare time on your hands in order to find the best clothing the store has to offer. Their racks are chock-full of great pieces, but the racks are also just chock-full in general, so you’ll have to dig. This is a great place to find really affordable wardrobe essentials.

Laura is great because they have options for all body sizes. This place is perfect for finding professional outfits to rock to that high-powered business meeting or drinks after work with a colleague. The best part is, this store has several locations in Toronto.

You Lucky Bird Vintage
I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found an adorable vintage dress, only to pull it off the rack and discover I’d have to use a tub and a half of Crisco to squeeze my hips into it. Shopping for vintage clothing as a curvy women is HARD (unless you don’t mind most stores selection of vintage muumuus – thanks for thinking of us, Vintage stores!). This is the place to go for your fashionable plus size Vintage needs. You can buy their clothes online, or book an appointment to come into the studio to shop. Swanky!

Your Big Sister’s Closet
This store carries size 12 and up, Your Big Sister’s Closet was created so that “all the curvy girls who can’t fit into their sisters’ (or friends’) clothes will have a place to find clothes that will make them look just as fierce (if not, fiercer!) than their smaller stylish counterparts.” With an empowering mandate like that, you’re bound to find clothes that make you feel great both inside and out. I am especially a fan of the super hot dresses in this store.

Marina Rinaldi
When shopping in Marina Rinaldi, it’s important to note that this store was the first store to create and sell designer fashion to women of larger sizes. This trailblazing company is committed to custom sizing and high quality clothing that makes the wearer look fantastic. The price point is on the higher-end of the scale, but the pieces are well-made. Why not lightly pepper your cheap trendy pieces with some high-end classics? It’s called building an adult wardrobe, OKAY?

Pomp & Pageantry
This Yorkville boutique carries designer clothing in sizes 0-18. This is another one of the stores I’d mostly go to if I felt like buying myself a real nice prezzie, but if you’ve got the wallet for it in your everyday life, GO HERE. The clothes are beautiful.

Addition Elle
This store has been around for more than thirty years, so you’re probably already well aware of its existence. If you haven’t shopped here in awhile, or if you’ve never been inside, take some time to check out the website. This is a great store to purchase affordable wardrobe staples, as well as fun, flirty outfits that make us all look great.

We curvy ladies have spent far too many shopping trips avoiding the change rooms of clothing stores, sadly wandering around holding a pair of size 8 pants that are just not happening. It’s about time we were able to look and feel as fabulous while shopping as anyone else. Let’s run into each other on the street wearing designer clothes that accommodate and accentuate our curves and nod knowingly to one another like “YEAH GIRL.” Our time is now, gals! Fashion for all sizes!

Got a fav plus-size friendly store that we missed? Share it in the comments! We love to hear where you’re shopping.