5 Ways To Zen Out & Return To Your Bliss

I may be okay with not being a balanced person (because, despite what your workaholic-yogi-mom-of-two-with-the-booming-social-life tells you, being balanced isn’t a real thing) but that doesn’t mean I’m not still juggling a few balls in the air (some of them human).

I worry about my well-being, my relationship status, and whether or not my cat’s coughing up a hairball. I have bills to pay. I have dreams and aspirations that I desire and long to make happen yesterday. I also have a ton of deadlines to meet and dinners to make and “Oh, shit, I didn’t get that gig?!” And, whoah, how is it already mid-April?! It really comes down to proportion over perfection, but sometimes it allgetstoomuch! And I hate stress. I hate being overwhelmed and anxious. Because it’s when I’m in that dreamy flowy flow that I truly love my life and myself. But sometimes finding that flow, that ease, that peace of mind/body/spirit is fucking hard to do.

Here are some of my nifty tips that I’ve found to help me zen out and return to my bliss, even if it’s for a hot, delicious minute.

Laugh Your Fucking Head Off
Laughter is the best medicine, for reals. It releases stress-busting endorphins and just makes us feel good all around, which is why Laughter Therapy is a legit way to get sane and silly. Laughter tones your muscles, improves your respiration, and boosts your immune system (as if you needed more reason to bust a gut). I find texting my best friends, the ones who I know are guaranteed to make me laugh, instantly get me out of my funk. Or when I have more time, I’ll watch an episode or two or three of “Friends” on Netflix. Anything to get your giggle on will get home free.

Pet A Furry Friend
Studies show that animals can reduce tension and improve mood. They can also help some people with mild to moderate depression feel better, and just petting a furry friend can lowers your heart rate. Luckily, I’m mom to two cats, so whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just grab them and hug hard and immediately feel better. (Before they run away. Brats.)

Work It Out
I’m one of those weird people who actually loves her workout time. Mainly because I imagine I’m chasing after zombies, or Chris Evans (depends on the day), while on the treadmill. But also because it helps me chill the eff out. Exercise is not only good for your body (duh!) but it can also be used as a replacement to metabolize excessive stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a calmer, more relaxed state.

Talk To Someone
We all have that friend that we vent to, and if you don’t, find one. I’m sure that someone would love to be your trusted confidante if you’d just ask. And don’t ever apologize for venting either (I know I have a habit to do that) because talking it out releases all of that yucky built-up tension. Plus, when you discuss your problems openly and non-judgey with your friend(s), you can even find solutions to your stress and put them into perspective.

Pray to Jebus
I’m not super religious by any means, but I definitely am spiritual. In times of doubt and anger and sadness, I grab my crystals (hematite, rose quartz and citrine) and pray. Studies have shown that praying influences your state of mind, helping you relax and therefore reduces the effects stress has on various body organs. It can also reduce your risk of developing depression and anxiety. Prayer is definitely personal, and there definitely isn’t one way to do it, either. It can be formal or informal, conversational, or creed-like. Whoever your Jebus is, ask him/her to lend an ear and chat/chant away.

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