Guys, it’s everywhere. You think you’re safe, but gluten is the sneakiest. We didn’t know that until we spoke to Nutritionist Rachel Bies, who confirmed our greatest fears: “Anytime you’re grabbing takeout or prepared food from a supermarket, it’s probably there, unless it specifically says it’s gluten-free. It’s in processed meats, soups, sauces, baked goods…everywhere, really.” OMG. No wonder we’ve had tummy sensitivities for YEARS.

Aside from the obvious, like pizza or pasta, here are six major culprits to watch for:

 1. Takeout Food

Burritos or tortilla chip salad. Sushi you grabbed in the food court. That yummy burger. Delicious sweet & sour soup. Unless you’re buying from a health-conscious biz that specifically makes gluten-free food, pretty much everything takeout is loaded with hidden gluten.

2. Backyard BBQ

Mmmm…those BBQ sausages look so good! Not for you, honey. You wouldn’t think it, but most sausages and processed meats are made with various grains.

3. Frozen Food

Nope. That lasagna or shepherd’s pie might be an easy way to do Sunday dinner but forget about it. All of it (unless it says GLUTEN-FREE).

4. Alcohol

Vodka-cran, please! STOP. Most alcohol is made from grains. But guess what? Sobriety is trendy! Seriously, try it.

5. Sauces

You didn’t think soy sauce was an issue, did you? MAJOR ISSUE. Most brand name household sauces are thickened, and therefore contain gluten. Unless ingredient labels specify that the product is gluten-free, stay clear of all salad dressings and cooking sauces. Sorry.

6. Restaurants

Scary truth: half the time they don’t even know! Here’s the thing: the restaurant uses egg mixture that is already prepared to make their scrambled eggs and omelettes. That chef? She wasn’t even aware that there was gluten hidden in there. We told you – sneaky!

If you are one of the MILLIONS affected by gluten sensitivity or intolerance, you need to arm yourself, because the food world as we know it isn’t built for you (yet). Keep high-protein snacks and fruit in your purse and desk drawer. One thing we’ve been doing for years is packing LÄRABARs on us. Whether en route to the cottage, or just running from A to B, LÄRABAR fruit and nut bars are not only non-GMO, but they’re entirely plant-based and don’t contain dairy. It’s a safe snack have that’s easy, tasty, filling, and GOOD FOR YOU!

Gluten man, it’s everywhere. If you could only see it with special goggles!