Eating out with a vegetarian or vegan friend can be tough. Have you ever watched someone try to “veganize” their meal? To be honest, in this day and age finding someone to eat out with who doesn’t have some kind of dietary restriction (vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, non-dairy, paleo, low sodium, the list goes oooooonnn…) is almost impossible.

Having been recently diagnosed with some life-altering dietary restrictions (I miss you, dairy), I am now beginning to understand the plight of the vegan (although I will always, always eat meat. Rawr). With my new vested interest in dietary restrictions, I have put together a list of eight rad places in Toronto where vegans and non-vegans can happily coexist.

The Grapefruit Moon
If you spend time in the Annex half as much as I do, you’ve heard of The Grapefruit Moon. This quaint restaurant on Bathurst just south of Dupont is trendy enough for brunch with a pal, and intimate enough for a romantic date. Not only are their all-day breakfast options delicious, they also make a rockin’ vegan grilled cheese! Whatever reason you’re eating dairy-free, vegan cheese is always a big YES.

If you hang around Ossington and Bloor, Disgraceland is a fool-proof option for you and your vegan cronies to sit down and enjoy a meal together. Most items on their varied lunch and dinner menus can be “veganized” for your dining pleasure.

Khao San Road
In the club district for some reason? This restaurant consistently has line ups of people waiting to get in to have some of their delicious cuisine. If you love Thai Food, you will adore this restaurant. Separate Vegan and gluten-free dinner menus for anyone with dietary restrictions!

Prime Restaurant Steakhouse
A steakhouse with vegan options? How counter-intuitive! OR SO YOU THOUGHT! But what better place could there be for meat eaters and vegans to share a meal than a place specializing in tender, juicy, succulent red meat. No place. Located in the Windsor Arms Hotel, this is Heaven, friends. Check out their vegan menu here.

The Steady
Breakfast in particular at The Steady is very vegan-friendly, but to be honest sounds delicious for just about anyone, regardless of diet. I mean, Vegan Eggs Benny? How could anyone resist?

The Beet
This organic restaurant & cafe is owned and run by a Certified Nutritional Practitioner AND a Homeopathic Doctor, so you’re in good hands when it comes to health here. Not only does this restaurant support fresh, local organic produce (which is something we should all be attempting to do on a regular basis), it also refers to itself as an “eco-friendly venture”, using only biodegradable materials. Their menu looks tasty!

Free Times Cafe
Cool music and vegan options! I mean, how can you go wrong here? Located near Kensington Market, this is a great stop on your way to or from buying your groceries (if you don’t already shop here, you really should!).

Moonbean Cafe
This cafe has numerous vegan and gluten-free baked goodies that are a real hit. Also located in Kengsington Market, Moonbean Cafe is a great place to meet a friend for a quick catch up, or to do a little studying!

Since I can no longer eat anything that involves yeast or dairy (crying), I’ll see you at one of these places very soon.