Yo yo my fly dawgs!

It’s me, your pal the Nineties! You might remember me from such places as your childhood, Urban Outfitters, and the list sections on popular blogs! But I’m not just about passive nostalgia, oh no. I’m not here to tell you ways you can tell you were born in 1992, as IF! Although the answer is “Beanie Babies,” it is irrelevant. I am actually here on behalf of tight tunes and dope dance moves and really in general partying like it’s nineteen-hold up, it is. 

Basically Shedoesthecity have paired up with Good Kids for a spoooOooOky gothic dance party that will be more fun than taping your favourite bits of your sister’s Big Shiny Tunes CD because she would never let you borrow it long enough to get to “Novacane” and honestly, Beck is so far off the chain you’re not even sure he was ever on it in the first place. There will be a completely righetous 90s costume contest where you can win $200–a bunch of money, then and now. Plus Fawn Big Canoe, glowsticks, mystery guests, a big ol’ send off to the Annex Wreckroom, and some total Baldwins. Shaaa-wing. 

Grab tickets here for $5 or on the door until midnight. This Friday, October 11 at Annex Wreckroom, Bathurst and Bloor. Think about it! Green Day! 

BOO-YA to you all and also with you,
The Nineties