The specter of Trump/Pence is waiting in the wings, and what that means for Planned Parenthood remains to be seen. If you want to support this organization that has helped so many women, come out on December 16th for an evening of photography, paintings, spoken word, art installations and music. (Beautiful photo by Aliya Gollom, pictured above, is one of the pieces you could walk away with.)

Be merry, dance, and scoop up some art for your loved ones. $5 gets you in the door, and Maddee Ritter, Jeannitta CheffysWorld and Jenny Laiwint will be DJing. If you can’t make it but still want to help, you can donate here. 100% of proceeds will go towards Planned Parenthood, so they can continue to provide their services that have helped so many in times of need.

A Plan For Planned Parenthood takes place at Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre (1326 Gerrard St. E) on December 16th from 9 p.m. onwards.