We love our city. A lot. Sometimes it’s a dangerous and unreasonable love that, after too much whiskey, can lead to yelling at people in bars, but mostly it just makes us feel happy to wake up and look out our window every morning. And so we love the ironic #UnfriendlyToronto twitter hashtag that’s been making the rounds. Local residents are tweeting their most heartwarming Toronto moments as a reaction to a Toronto Life piece and the subsequent responses from Spacing and The Grid. These tweets are giving us a warm and cozy feeling in our bellies. Read on for some good vibes.

My elderly neighbour routinely stops in for a chat, notices when I go out of town, attends my rowdy birthday parties. #UnfriendlyToronto

Toronto tap water: the finest in the land. #UnfriendlyToronto

Upstairs neighbours lent (& let me keep) vintage pearls for our wedding. Nextdoors let us use their yard for the party. #UnfriendlyToronto

Yesterday afternoon, a woman in a business suit helped a homeless gentleman lift a garbage bag onto a #TTC bus. #UnfriendlyToronto

You never have to bring your own sand toys to the park because there are always communal ones left by others. #UnfriendlyToronto

#unfriendlytoronto If you’re looking at a map downtown, chances are I’ll approach you and ask if you need directions.

When doored by a car, people rushed over 2 help me. Had great convo waiting 4 ambulance filled w/ humour. Yeah, I live in #UnfriendlyToronto

During the blackout a few years ago, the neighborhood gathered in the park at night with food, wine, candles and guitars #unfriendlytoronto

My son’s friend was waiting for a bus, Jane/ Finch, today, in the rain, man came out of his house 2 lend him an umbrella. #UnfriendlyToronto

And I am reminded, by @rodneytown, of the time a homeless guy named Randy shared his beer with me. #UnfriendlyToronto

Variety Store guy always gives my dog a treat #UnfriendlyToronto

When a neighbour passed after a long illness, our whole street planned a block-party celebration to honour his life. #unfriendlytoronto

The cashiers etc at produce stores and bakeries near us on Bloor know our kids names. And we know their’s. #unfriendlytoronto

My neighbours and I have block parties, a shared paddling pool, and a shared hammock #unfriendlyToronto

Did you smile and nod when we passed each other on the street? I’ll tell my coworkers about the creepy weirdo I saw. #UnfriendlyToronto

After G20 suspension of civil liberties, ppl lined up outside the eastern st jail to give rides home. #unfriendlytoronto

Moved to TO from the burbs, took the kids for a walk. Kid#1 asked after, why does everyone sit on porches & say hi to us? #UnfriendlyToronto

The subway stalled when I was feeling faint. I said so aloud, and people gave me seats, fruit, and a bottle of water. #UnfriendlyToronto

The nice ladies at the group home next door to me give my kids Christmas presents #UnfriendlyToronto

Zanta #UnfriendlyToronto

~Haley Cullingham
Image from Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together