Afternoon Slump Be Gone: Crispy Minis To The Rescue

If your energy levels start to dip around 3pm, you’re not alone. Truth is, most of us nine-to-fivers start to feel sluggish a couple hours after lunch. Time for a stretch and a snack!

Ever since we visited the Crispy Minis Lounge a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been on a bit of a Crispy Minis rice chips kick. At only 90 calories per bag (20 g serving), these guys are made with corn and whole grain brown rice and are absolutely delish.

The best part? VARIETY! With 15 flavours to choose from, you can go for three whole work weeks without repeating a flavour. We’re talking savoury, sweet and everything in between: Cheddar, Crunchy Dill (OUR FAVE), Ketchup, Butter Popcorn, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Chili, Sea Salt & Lime, BBQ, Caramel Kettle Corn, Tortilla Style Cheesy Nacho and Creamy Ranch. Aaaaand, while you’re at it, be sure to try the NEW Veggie Crispy Minis multigrain chips, popped with real vegetables.

If you enjoy snacking as much as we do, share the love online at @CrispyMinis using hashtag #UnexpectedlyFlavourful to connect with like-minded fellow snackers.

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