MISFITSTUDIO creator Amber Joliat is expecting her first baby in 2020, and has come out with a new MISFITVIDEO pre-natal workout series for soon-to-be mamas, MISFITMATERNITY.

“Having moved my body quite literally my whole life, pregnancy wasn’t going to be the thing that stopped me,” says Joliat. “After educating myself and experimenting with what felt good, I created three different 15 minute sequences that will leave your physical body humming, your emotional body calm and your energetic body refreshed.” Her mission? “To inspire joy in moving your body, honouring where you are right now.”

We chatted with her about the series this week.

SDTC: What are moves you’ve enjoyed while pregnant?

AJ: This really depends on the trimester. In the first trimester, as a physically active person, what was challenging for me was to really slow down and cultivate an inviting environment for a developing fetus to want to stay in. I had two miscarriages and was quite hesitant about maintaining my high intensity and physically demanding schedule, so I slowed down, tuned in, and really listened to my body.

In the second trimester after getting the OK from my doctor, I was thrilled to get back to strength-based cardio activities. Now that I’m in the third trimester, my energy level hasn’t changed because of my physical size, but there are new limitations and I’m learning how to work with them.

Which movements are NOT fun while pregnant?

Anything lying on my front is out of the question.

Should we be concerned about diastasis recti? Are there any movements to avoid?

What’s important for maintaining physical health and strength is the core lining will need to remain strong for speedy recovery. That said after the first trimester anything inflection should be limited and by third trimester avoided. For reference, flexion is an abdominal curl or your classic Jane Fonda crunch.

What are other techniques you’ve gained along the way to make pregnancy more enjoyable?

I feel very fortunate that my pregnancy has been a dream. I have been in a state of grace therefore deepening my connection to the intuitive voice. I have consciously slowed down and have been meditating longer. Actively participating in pranayama mindful breathing has really helped as my body has shifted and changed.

What do you not love about being pregnant?

My mantra throughout the miscarriages and this pregnancy has been “this is all temporary.” It’s especially helpful when it comes to the discomfort of having a large and protruding belly, not having a restful sleep, or sleeping on my front or back as I so often love to do.

What do you love about being pregnant? 

It is a blessing to be pregnant, the most natural and miraculous occurrence in the female body. Every step of the way has been fascinating as my baby grows and my body responds. I see each phase and each step as a deepening towards acceptance. Feeling my baby move inside of me is truly mystical.

What will your new videos for moms-to-be contain?

The video series for prenatal can also be used for postpartum. There are three videos, 15 minutes each, and they are designed to be done individually or strung together as a 45 minute class. Each 15 minute video focuses on upper body strength, lower body strength, and the final for what I call liberation – the desire to move the physical body, untangle the emotional body and raise the vibration of the energetic body – all very important to the process of creation.

Check out the MISFITMATERNITY series here.