If you could sum up your love life in an emoji, what would it be: 😍? 😫? 😄🔫?

According to Match.com, the top three emojis Canadians use most to describe their dating lives are: smiling poop (💩), sobbing (😭) & sweating (😓). World Emoji Day is July 17 and in advance, Match took a look at its data to see how people feel about incorporating emojis into their dating lives. We chatted with Match Relationship Insider Kimberly Moffit.

SDTC: What emoji is used most in romantic relationships?

KM: People use emojis as a way to express emotion in linguistic form – and since it can be difficult to read the tone of just text, emojis help shape the language and add additional meaning and flavour. As a relationship therapist, I’ve witnessed emojis being used in text message conversations of all kinds, from early love-birds, to more serious relationships, and even in break ups.

My guess as to what the most common emojis used? Early dating relationships: Smiley face. It’s important at the earliest stages of a relationship to come off as agreeable, friendly, and easy-going, and a smiley face helps accomplish that over text message. Friends with benefits or flings: Winky face. This face says, “Let’s have some fun,” and that we don’t take the world too seriously. Long Term relationships: Heart or heart face. The heart face says, “I love you” or “I’m obsessed with you” (in a good way). While this message can come off as too needy or lovey-dovey with young relationships, those in serious relationships feel comfortable enough to express their heartfelt feelings to each other through this emoji.

What about people who use no emojis at all?

In my experience, people who don’t use emojis at all in their relationships have usually reached a stage where emojis are no longer needed. Since emojis are generally used to convey tone, sometimes people feel that they and their partner (whether consciously or unconsciously) don’t need to play around with emojis to get their point across – they’ve simply had enough text conversations to understand how the other person is feeling and know that they got their message across effectively!

What is the most terrifying emoji to receive from a partner?

The angry (red) face can be a terrifying emoji for someone to receive in dating – it immediately sends red flags and signals distress, anger, and unhappiness. Match found that the emoji Canadians most use to describe their dating lives is the poop emoji and the angry red face might be the only emoji that’s worse. Not only is it terrifying to see a partner get angry, it is even more upsetting if that emoji is being directed at you! If you and your lover are having a quarrel, it’s usually better to pick up the phone than to send an angry emoji without an explanation. It could elevate the situation more than necessary – plus, it’s easier and more effective to communicate your point of view in person.

What is a good breakup emoji to use?

None. When breaking up, my best advice is to have an in-person conversation and avoid text messages completely! Remember, this is a time when text messages have far too large of a likelihood to be misread, and can leave everyone confused. The last thing anyone wants while breaking up is a lack of clarity on where things were left and what the expectations moving forward are.