I caught up with Kym Banguis, the owner and designer of fun local fashion line, Herro Hachi. Here she talks about her line, her favourite Vancouver spaces & places and how to spend summer in Vancity.    

Why did you create Herro Hachi?
I had dreams of a life where I wasn’t sitting at a desk for 8 hours everyday, where i could wake up without an alarm clock, and take vacation whenever I wanted to without worrying about those dates being booked by someone else because they are higher in seniority. I wanted to be able to use the talents and creativity I have been blessed with so that hopefully, it will also inspire others to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.

What is your favourite thing about Vancouver?
I love how multicultural it is – i can have cuisine from all over the world all in a day, i can go to the beach and snowboard in a day, the air smells fresh and clean, and i don’t mind the rain either.

Where is your favourite places to go in Vancouver?
One of my favorites is walking or biking around Steveston village and stopping for fish & chips at Pajo’s or enjoying gelato by the water.(Also good to note that Pajo’s gives you a free meal on your birthday!!!)

What is the best Vancouver summer activity?
Anything done outdoors!

Where will you be next/ what can we look forward to for you or Herro Hachi?
I plan to release more styles this year – v-necks, off shoulder tees, more tank tops, maybe even undergarments? who knows! the possibilities are endless 🙂

~ Aimee Laurel