There has been a fresh surge of BBQ restaurants in Montreal over the last few years, each with a new twist or flavour that sets it apart from the pack. Behold yet another: Dinette Triple Crown on the corner of Clarke and St-Zotique East.

This tiny restaurant contains a huge kitchen and walls lined with pickled goods. A small dining counter lines the front window, but really, you aren’t supposed to eat-in. Oh no, their BBQ-themed delights are meant to be enjoyed picnic style in Parc de la Petite Italie, a very sweet picnic-table-filled park directly across the street. If you so desire, your meal will be packed up into a picnic basket for you and all companions, complete with table-cloth, dishes, cutlery, three bottles of dipping sauce and napkins/wet-naps. All drinks are served in secure mason jars with ice, and straws are provided. SUCH A GOOD IDEA.

The menu itself is relatively simple, including fried chicken, sandwiches, mac n’ cheese, delicious side dishes (such as coleslaw, mashed potatoes, corn bread, braised green vegetables and many more), salads, and up to four daily specials that feature chicken, pulled pork, and interesting, sometimes deep-fried vegetables (like zucchini). Fresh sparkling lemonade and ginger beer are among the tasty drink options.

Prices are very reasonable, and most main plates are accompanied by three sides of your choice. Wait times can vary, but customers are given a number and urged to wait outside where it is waaaaay cooler (especially in mid-summer) for their picnic baskets. Simply return the basket and all items to the restaurant post-meal, and the day is yours!

Check out their Facebook page for their complete regular menu.

Triple Crown Dinette
6704 Clarke

~ Tyler Yank