1. What is it? Rick Owens Jacket from the Fall/Winter 2007 collection

2. When/Where did you get it? Feb/March 2008 at Holt Renfrew.

3. Why do you love it? Only in Toronto would you find such examples of fashion perfection at the Now or Never sales. It was the only one left, it was in my size and I got an extra 25% off because it was the last weekend of Now or Never. As a bonus, the sale price was incorrectly marked and they honoured the mistake. It was triple crown for me that weekend.

4. If you lost it you would… There is no way I would lose this jacket, it’s like an appendage, so the only way it could be parted with me is if someone stole it. Toronto is a small enough place that I would hunt the person down like the dog that they are.

Editor, I want – I got

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