While Beyoncé pretty much dominated early 2012, what with the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy (also known as the holy messiah of hip hop and R&B), the latter half of the year undoubtedly belonged to her younger sister Solange, with the birth of her baby (also known as EP) True. And though Solange has been making the best dressed lists (most notably Vogue‘s, twice) and catching the attention of all the style bloggers for some time now, B’s little sis is starting to snag some well-deserved mainstream attention. Aside from the fact that she’s a ridic-talented singer with a distinctive style and voice, I mean, have you seen her outfits? Just like her music—a laid-back mix of classic and contemporary—Solange likes to casually mix up her fashion. She pairs bright, eye-popping colours, mismatched prints, and different textures, all culminating into a signature look that’s fun, whimsically retro, funky, bohemian, and hella creative. So naturally, Solange makes the most sense for our first Style Inspiration post of the new year: she’s all about the realization and reinvention of personal style. Plus, we love a good Peter Pan collar.

Swing dress with Peter Pan collar and long sleeves, $44.74 at ASOS

Leopard print ballet flats, on clearance at Joe Fresh

Silence & Noise pleated striped pant,
$59.00 at Urban Outfitters

Kaitlin fold-over clutch, $149.50 at Club Monaco

Casual vintage floral shirt, $44.87 at Topshop

Fairburn necklace, $58.00 at Anthropologie