Admittedly, I didn’t arrive early, but was still a little taken back by the swarms of bawdy folk pushing to get their seat assignment. Squeezing, literally, my way through a tight human tunnel, I finally emerged beside the catwalk. It was a completely mad fluster trying to find my reserved spot. No such luck, some fashionista biotch nabbed it, so I was left in a lurch desperately spinning around and yanking at blonde PR girls – who looked as though they were going to upchuck anxiety onto their clipboards.

Amidst the chaos, a funny moment occurred when Toronto’s newest self-proclaimed society lad got reamed out by angry woman on headphone for having the gaul to sit front row. (I mean, even BT’s Dina Pugliese and CBC’s head honcho Kirsten Layfield were two up – who is this man in the tartan skirt?) Eye Weekly’s Sarah-Nicole Prickett takes a stab at said dude.

Finally, I found a spot and watched others sweat while trying to maniacally weasel their way to a seat. It’s like that survivor game you play in elementary school – your heart is racing and you think the human gym teacher will eat you…. but in this case the chase is more like devil eyes from a well-heeled, materialistic fashion obsessed bitch. Fun!

Moving right along to the clothes – ’cause Fashion Week is about the clothes, right? Sort of, the rest is this giant board game of society elitism, fake hugs, fake smiles and a lot of cooing at one another’s shoes. Cooo! Cooo! Oh how I love YOU! I’m quite sure that in Toronto last night, there were about six hundred fake ‘we should do drinks’ plans hatched and forgotten about. But I digress.

Okay – so again – let’s get back to the FASHION, PEOPLE!

Taking inspiration from Amelia Earhart, Pink Tartan’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection at LG Fashion Week had lots of wings and old school aviator hats. Will this take off? Well, you probs won’t catch me wearing wings on my back – unless I’m going to a rave with fourteen year olds (ya never know), but certainly the clean lines, classic style and careful detailing of Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s design continues to produce good investment pieces. Unlike in years past, this show lacked overall cohesiveness and the pacing felt a little slow. I think we were all so heavily wooed by that Spring 2009 show that was sooooo Mad Men – and everything since has been less impressive…. not to say that it isn’t lovely, just not as exciting.

Like that controversial Benetton ad in the mid-nineties – if we are feeling like a hellion vixen we’d like to wear the high wasted black vinyl skirt. When we want to pretend we are a doe-eyed virgin, we’ll take the two-piece white number (see pics.) In fact, had we seen this prior to our wedding, we may have saved a few grand and opted for Pink Tartan over Vera Wang…. maybe.