Assuage all Steak Cravings at one of Montreal’s Numerous Steak Frites Locations

A brief word about steak. I’m not a huge beef-eater, and over the last few years, a combination of living alone, high meat prices and a lack of a BBQ has resulted in very low steak consumption on my part. To the point that I’d fallen ‘out of the habit’ of eating beef altogether, even in restaurant settings. That is, until this past summer when a friend invited me to join him and some out-of-towners at one of Montreal’s notorious Steak Frites locations.

Their signature dish is – obviously – steak and fries, and as I’m sure you’ve also guessed, this isn’t your every-day-grocery-store-cut-of-beef. Oh, fair lady, it certainly is not. I opted for a seven ounce, Certified Angus Beef steak, which was served with all-you-can-eat, delicious stringy fries and green beans, and I somehow managed to eat every bite. This never, ever happens. The steak was just so juicy and tender and perfectly cooked (medium-rare, please), and they offer a mouth-watering selection of steak dipping sauces, as well. The menu certainly falls within the mid-to-high price range – $20 to $40 for a plate – depending on the cut of beef you opt for; they also serve duck, salmon and lamb main dishes, and their Entrée menu also contains several seafood options.

What’s more, Steak Frites happens to be a bring-your-own-wine restaurant chain (Montreal, you da best), and most locations can accommodate very large groups, though reservations a week or two in advance may be necessary.

Now, next time you get a-hankerin’ for a good steak, you know where to go. Over and out.  

~ Tyler Yank

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