In a week of nonstop grim news headlines, the announcement that Austra is performing a livestream concert at Roy Thomson Hall arrived in our inbox like a warm glow of hope.

We’ve always been big fans of Austra’s music, but there’s something about the artwork that feels like the light at the end of a tunnel—we’re reaching for it! 

The ‘I Feel you Everywhere’ solo concert will take place Thursday, April 29 at 3PM EST, and is timed to mark the one-year anniversary of the release of her 2020 album HiRUDiN. 

Imagining Austra’s ethereal vocals reverberating off every empty square foot of Roy Thomson Hall paints a picture that is both beautiful and eerie, and something we definitely want to experience and witness. 

In her own words, she shares about what this event means to her:

“heartbreak is something that moves you
it changes your dna,
the essence of who you are,
of who you thought you were.
when everything you know to be stable,
safe, immovable,
suddenly breaks,
it’s a spiral of grief, uncertainty, and internal chaos.

in 2020 i experienced a heartbreak and
just as one might expect from
        a singer,
i recorded a live performance to help
move through it.

i hope you will join me in celebrating love,
celebrating our ability to love,
and our ability to soothe ourselves through
the resilience of our bodies,
        our voices”

– Austra

Tickets are “Pay What You Feel” with a minimum purchase of $5.00 USD and available HERE. The stream will be available for 24 hours.