Every year, we ask girls from universities across the country to give us their best tips for living, studying, and partying on and off campus.

Varsity Swimmer Gráinne Pierse is the VP of the Thunderbird Athletic Council. When she finds free time between her athletic and academic commitments, she loves to bake or relax on Kits Beach.

Best thing about your program:
I love bio or anything to do with the brain. In my program, I am majoring in Psych while taking all bio classes as my electives. Learning about the body and brain and how everything works is fascinating. It is amazing how often everything goes right when there are so many opportunities for everything to go wrong.

Biggest challenge in your program:
Deciding which Psych courses to take. Some sound so interesting on paper but are brutal to sit through. ALWAYS ask someone who has taken the course before or look up reviews for Psyc courses anyway.

Favourite non-academic activity:
I suppose I should go with swimming considering I am on the team…But I also love to bake in whatever free time I have.

One really amazing memory from first year:
Res parties. Actually just everything in res. You make so many amazing friends. Within two days, it feels like you have known these people for years.

What do you love about your school?
The campus is gorgeous. Walking down main mall is my favorite place. Seeing the flag pole with the mountains as a backdrop, and then the rose gardens are just beyond. It’s amazing.

What would you love to change about your school?
The pool. It is terrible and breaks every couple weeks, but no worries! A new one is now on the way!


Class: BIOL112

Bar: Coppertank 

Place to study: Woodward

Place to eat: Vanier caf for breakfast. Cinnamon bun French toast. It’s brilliant.

Green space on campus: Rose gardens

Off-campus hideaway: Kits beach.

Any other tips for newbies?
Don’t stress too much about your first year, it’s only first year. Everything will get easier as time goes on. I would also recommend keeping up with readings. It took me until my 3rd year to realize that that was a good idea.