It’s a school year like no other, and for many kids and families, there are still many unanswered questions about what this year will look like, and feel like. To help alleviate anxiety, CBC Kids News will be hosting a BACK-TO-SCHOOL CHECK-IN across multiple platforms in the coming weeks, and the site is already loaded with helpful information for kids, tweens and teens. 

From how often students should change their mask to what to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19, reporter Saara Chaudry (who is a 16-year-old student in Toronto), shares important need-to-know info in fun and heartfelt videos. You can also find her, and the other CBC Kids News reporters, engaging with audiences in real time on the CBC Kids News Instagram feed. Both the website and social media platform are wonderful resources with easy-to-digest facts and information, as well as creative ideas of how to best enjoy the school year ahead, with all its new challenges.

We especially love the clips where real kids, from across the country, share their own tips – be it how to keep up friendships when you’re a virtual learner, to anecdotal experiences about the first week back to school. Maybe your kid wants to weigh in? During the coming weeks, CBC Kids will b inviting students to share their back-to-school experiences, while also updating the site to include interactive spaces, as well as opportunities to connect with the hosts. More info to come; visit for updates.

Kids and teens are experiencing COVID-19 quite differently than parents, we think it’s very cool that they have their own space to get trusted news, share opinions, and connect with kids across Canada to share stories. It’s going to be a historical year.