Every year, we ask girls from universities across the country to give us their best tips for living, studying, and partying on and off campus.

Health Sciences major Lauren Salci is the choreographer of the Musical & Fashion Show, the President of the MSU Sign Language Club, a member of the McMaster Women’s Field Hockey Team, an Athlete Academic Mentor, a Cell Biology Teaching Assistant, and a Kiwanis Club Volunteer. She also took a class called Space Medicine. Whoa.

Best thing about your program:
I really like that my program places an emphasis on skill development and learning about oneself. Long after I have graduated, I am more likely to remember what I learned about myself compared to the details I learned about in a book. At the same time, I like that my program offers a great range of course topics that open your eyes to new areas of interest and new ways of thinking.

Biggest challenge in your program:
There are a lot of group projects early on in the program when you are still learning how to master the group process. You may have had experience with them in high school, but group projects are on a whole new level in university! They can be term-long and sometimes with up to ten group members. The challenge is finding a common meeting time between all group members, working efficiently, and staying on task. The amount of work can be overwhelming, but nothing that can’t be handled. It just takes time to adjust to learning in that manner.

Favourite non-academic activity:
Being a choreographer for the musical and fashion shows for my program. Dancing is something I have always loved, and I was able to find a new passion for creating dances once I entered my program and took on the role of choreographer, which was something I never had the opportunity to do. I enjoy the creative freedom while still being able to do what I love!

One really amazing memory from first year:
Living in residence and going for late night ‘ice cream runs’ to Commons with my floor! After a long day of classes and studying, it’s great to have your friends around to relax and take your mind off schoolwork. My hometown is only twenty minutes from Mac, but I chose to live in residence for the experience, and I’m glad I did!

What do you love about your school?
I love that the campus is closed off to traffic so it creates a very close-knit school community! It’s always busy with school activities and clubs on campus and it creates a very fun and comforting atmosphere. I also love the school pride the McMaster community demonstrates and this truly came through when our football team won the 2011 Vanier Cup! It really brought the school together and everyone showed their true school spirit!

What would you love to change about your school?
There’s really nothing I’d like to change about my school – we have amazing faculty, school spirit and a great atmosphere on campus to balance learning and enjoyment. I’m happy I chose McMaster and am proud to be a McMaster student! 


Class: Space Medicine

Bar: Gown & Gavel

Place to study: HSL Library or DBAC bymac (when I can’t take complete silence, this place has just the right amount of muffled background noise!)

Place to eat: Chicken Teriyaki in McMaster Student Union Center

Green space on campus: Field in front of JHE and BSB (it’s so nice to sit and relax there on a nice day!)

Any other tips for newbies?
Use university as an opportunity to figure out what you like! It’s okay to come in with a goal, but at the same time be open to learning about new career opportunities by taking on new experiences because there is so much out there. Things can get stressful, but remember to keep a good balance and just enjoy the journey!