Every year, we ask girls from universities across the country to give us their best tips for living, studying, and partying on and off campus.

Nursing major Vanessa balances her advanced-track course load with volleyball, dance, anti-genocide advocacy work with STAND, and volunteer shifts at Kingston General Hospital.

Best thing about your program:
Hands-on work is definitely the biggest perk of being in nursing science.

Biggest challenge in your program:
Since my program is compressed into two years, it is incredibly difficult to be able to learn all the nursing theory, pathophysiology, pharmacology, anatomy, and microbiology and then be able to apply it. I have learned that nursing is both a science and an art, and being able to apply the knowledge of disease process to real human beings and care for them with the appropriate actions is certainly a huge responsibility to take on.

Favourite non-academic activity:
I love to release some of the academic stress I face by going to the gym to either work out or play volleyball on a co-ed team. I play with a mix of people who were on my floor in first year and it’s nice to connect with them every week. Queen’s just opened a brand new athletic facility called the “ARC” or “Athletics and Recreation Centre.” It has a huge array of work-out equipment along with several basketball courts, squash courts and dance studios. There is something for everyone at the ARC.

What do you love about your school?:
I love the spirit of Queen’s. Whether I am going to a football game in the fall or joining in on the homecoming festivities or even celebrating St.Patrick’s Day in the midst of assignments and stress, I love the support and sense of community I feel constantly surrounding me.


Class: PHAR 210 (I love the professors who teach this course- in particular, there was one prof who really made it fun to go to his lectures because of his witty personality and ease of teaching the complicated material in an easy-to-understand and funny manner.)

Bar: Ale House – undoubtedly the most popular undergraduate bar/club in Kingston

Place to study: Stauffer library

Place to eat: Queen’s Pub – on campus bar/eatery that is inexpensive and offers a wide variety of sandwiches and nachos. A great place to get out of the same mundane dining hall food.

Green space on campus: Summerhill

Off-campus hideaway: Sleepless Goat (small cafe, great place to study and sip a cup of coffee or tea.)

Any other tips for newbies? Balance is the key to first year. Balance your new friends, assignments, mid-terms, and the endless extra-curricular activities at Queen’s.