Barcelona Sex Project

by Annie Oakley

Since I had such good luck with Spanish porn with Five Hot Stories for Her, I thought that checking out Erica Lust’s Barcelona Sex Project could prove an excellent way to spend an afternoon with my man.

It’s not your average porn, at all, so don’t rent it expecting to see people fuck–this is a porn where people just get themselves off. Barcelona Sex Project shows three men and three women talking about themselves for a bit, fully clothed, then directly after they masturbate in front of the camera.

If Barcelona Sex Project is an experiment, it’s got to be one about voyeurism. The film takes intimacy in porn to a new level–you see gorgeous people have real orgasms, and the honest interviews that take place beforehand make it even more personal. If the film is asking if a voyeuristic peek into someone’s life is sexy, I think the answer is yes.

Watching it with my guy, we were both really enjoying watching the first girl, Silvia, talk about her love of hardcore music then get herself off while listening to her headphones. However, just as we were getting into it, the lovely, tattooed Silvia was replaced with a dude, and my guy was much less into it. “Do you want to watch the next one?” he asked hopefully.
“Yeah.. but after I see this guy jerk off,” I said brusquely.

Highlights include the gorgeous Dunia Montenegro pleasuring herself and Joel Acosta jerking off in front of a mirror then coming all over it. All of the subjects are totally likeable, and it’s extra voyeuristic that you learn about their thoughts and feelings on life and relationships then see them make themselves come. It makes masturbation feel so right–the film pretty much demands that you touch yourself, I mean hey, everyone else is doing it!

Barcelona Sex Project was seriously sexy, but tantalizingly so, and made me want to see some good old fashioned fucking. Since there is none in the film (unless you count girls doing themselves with dildos, mm) we did it in front of the mirror that night. Maybe not the ideal porn to watch with your guy since he’ll have to see other dudes’ balls–but mine was a good sport.

Pick up Barcelona Sex Project at Good for Her at 175 Harbord St, or online at



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