We were tipped off by the one and only Tika Simone that Baregyal is the Caribana party to attend this year. We believe her because she’s hands down one of Toronto’s coolest humans ever.

Be open, be wild, be free: on Sunday night, Mod Club will be a pulsating, vibrant, sexy celebration of women of colour. Step inside, shed any layers of insecurities you might have, and go deep into your soul to reach your truest self. She wants to dance, sweat, love and BE. LET HER OUT!

We also dig this party because there is a note on the FB event page, that clearly states that no misogyny or disrespect to women of any kind will be tolerated. Anyone who tries any bullshit, will be immediately tossed. This is a party by women, for women. Shake it, sister.

More info riiiiight here. Check video from last year and you’ll know exactly why we’re pushing this as a must-do.

Sunday, July 31st

MOD Club, 722 College St, 10PM

LADIES: $10 before 11; $15 after

MEN: $15 on guestlist; $25 at the door