Be Bold For Change: Take the #IWD2017 Protest Quiz by The Match Fund & Join Us In Our Continued Fight For Human Rights

EVERY SINGLE DAY we work towards gender equality and a better future for all, but International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to pause, take stock of our accomplishments, evaluate where we’re at, connect with our powerful networks, and understand that we still have a long slog in front of us that requires strength, tenacity, grit, creativity, and perseverance.

To help keep us motivated (‘cuz yeah, it gets exhausting), The MATCH Fund has created this protest quiz that will test your knowledge of women’s marches and protests from the past and present, acting as an important reminder to what is at stake for women.

Take the protest quiz now and see what grade you receive in protest knowledge. Informative, fascinating, disturbing: there were a few protest signs that stumped us because unfortunately, we’ve been fighting for the same shit our mothers fought for back in the 60s.

With women’s rights in North America regressing at an alarming rate, it is more important than ever to stand up and fight back. Join us and The MATCH Fund to help put an end to rape, domestic violence, pay inequality, sex discrimination, and the fight over women’s bodies/reproduction. If we work together, we WILL get there one day!

The MATCH International Women’s Fund supports home-grown solutions to issues affecting women, girls and trans people around the world. Learn more about The MATCH Fund and how we support grassroots women’s rights organizations.

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