Where do you live: I live in a house with roommates and my boyfriend at Bloor and Ossington, otherwise known as Bloorcourt, Bloordale, Dufferin Grove, Blossington, or what I like to call “The Best Hood Ever!!!”…j/k. I’m not a neighbourhood snob; other neighbourhoods are great too but I have a soft spot for this one. If I didn’t live here, I would love to live somewhere on Queen West, the Annex or possibly the Beaches.
What do you do: I’m a professional dog walker, vintage picker, photographer, stylist, writer, all-around artsy lady, retired Krumper, SheDoesTheCity.com intern, amateur gourmet chef, gardener and human being.
Favorite places to shop: Yard sales, Flea Markets, Thrift stores (especially in places other than Toronto), stuff people put out on the street, Choice Cuts Vintage at HAUS, Foxy Boutique, Print Vintage, Elizaveta Yankelovich Necklaces, Juicy Soulja and Jussy Jewels, and I occasionally go on a spree at Dufferin Mall: H&M, and all those trashy club wear stores; you can find some great cheap stuff, Dollar Stores all over the city, totally random places. I like to look where no one else does. I like to write on T-Shirts and make my own jewelry out of little plastic animals, and my own necklaces out of different types of chains, and I love spray painting things gold. You already know too much, so I will tell you nothing more.
Music: DISCO AND FUNK!! Old southern gospel, old soul, Sam Cooke, mo-town, surf, doo-wop, reggae, dub, Elvis, Queen, The Clash, The Fugees, African and aboriginal tribal music, Chet Baker, Neil Young’s Trans album, Lil Wayne, The Rival Boys, The Beatles, Gnarls Barkley and their solo stuff, The Best, Amy Winehouse, Alice Walker, not enough space!!
Perfect Friday Night: Doing something fun and interesting with my friends, taking pics, drinking Mojitos…mandatory brunch and Caesars the next day
Secret Style Weapon: Big Gold Aviator glasses and big Jew-fro hair
Where did you get it: Lenscrafters in Dufferin mall, my Jewish and Italian roots.
Why do you love it: The stares, the comments, the compliments, the face-to-face heartfelt and ironic moments with the elderly wearing the same glasses, how they make every day feel like 70’s Miami. It’s taken me a long time to just let my hair do it’s thing. It’s been very liberating, and now I wouldn’t change it for anything.
If you lost it you would: Be really upset!! And blind! And bald!
Website: www.BeccaLemire.com, Twitter: @BeccaLemire