Okay – so the only thing that is possibly more fun than having a crazy night out on the town? Posting an album the following day, tagging your friends before they know it and letting the comment brigade begin. Oh c’mon – it’s exhilarating!! Here’s our big advice: don’t fumble with a crap camera! We recommend investing in a Fujifilm Z33WP. This is seriously the best way to capture every moment of your university experience: and we know you want to! Packed with cool features like Blog Mode, this sleek and slender little digi allows you to shoot and upload your pictures in a size that’s computer-friendly and fast. In five bold colours – you can hopefully avoid freak-outs, you know, like when you madly fumble through your purse and this happens: “OMG OMG OMG – where is my camera?? – I can’t find it!! Robyn, did you see it?” Go for the hot pink – and even in a dark bar you will be able to spot your fuji. Get this – the Fujifilm Z33WP is also totally waterproof, so that means you don’t have to worry if some loser at the bar accidentally knocks his pint over top your camera. We know you are going to have a lot of hilarious, (ridiculous?) nights so the challenge lies in titling each album more creatively than the last – that means no more “RANDOM”!! We are officially putting the kaibosh on that word. Have fun, make memories and capture all the good stuff. Then send us the best stuff (i.e 2 AM Vanilla Ice dance-athon, ‘when I stayed up so late studying that I actually looked like Robert Pattison,’ the day I learned how to poach an egg – WHATEVER!) We want ‘em and promise to post the goodies.

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