1. Itsi Bitsi

The fact that it’s in St. Henri and miles away from where I live does not dissuade me whatsoever from visiting this shop on the reg. The menu is standout with four classics and two delicious daily flavours, like Mojito and Beer of the Season. I know that the phrase “I’m obsessed with” is way, WAY overused when describing how one feels about something, but guys, I’m obsessed with Tuesday’s Earl Grey/Honey Icing. Like it legitimately dominates my thoughts on a daily basis, Dan Marino/Ray Finkle styles. Ok no, it doesn’t, but I dare you to try it and then tell me you don’t know what being in love feels like.
2507 Notre-Dame West; 514.509.3926; Tuesday through Friday, 11-6, Saturday and Sunday, 11-5; www.itsi-bitsi.com; Lionel-Groux metro

2. Petit Gateaux

This shop is super cute with its kitchy, pastel decor and large window that looks out onto avenue Mont-Royal. People-watch whilst sipping a coffee or tea and eating a Sour Cream, Raspberry and White Chocolate mini treat. Hello, Saturday afternoon.
783 Mont-Royal E.; 514.510.5488; Monday through Wednesday, 10-6, Thursday and Friday, 10-9, Saturday, 10-6, Sunday, 10-5; www.petitsgateaux.ca; Mont-Royal metro

3. Dliche

A new-ish spot on St-Denis, Dliche serves biscotti, coffee, tea and an assortment of cold drinks like lemonade and Italian soda, in addition to both large and small cupcakes. If you’re having a tough time deciding on flavours and feel awkward hanging around the counter for an abnormally long time (decisions are haaaarrrrrrrrd) let me help, with these six little words: Red. Velvet. and. Dulche. de. Leche.
3964-A rue St-Denis514.500.2505; Tuesday through Friday, 10-9, Saturday 12-9, Sunday, 12-5; www.dliche.ca; Sherbrooke metro

4. Les Glaceurs

This Old Montreal shop lets you add alcohol to your cupcakes. No, really, let that sink in because I’m not sure there’s a better sentence in the English language: It lets you add alcohol to your cupcakes. Would you like some Baileys on your Brownie Avalanche cupcake? Um, is Ryan Gosling attractive?? They also have ice cream, if that’s more your fancy. Or, do like I do and have both. And p to the s: there’s a brand new location downtown should you need a solid sugar fix/alcohol buzz between classes.
Old Montreal: 453 Saint Sulpice; 514.504.1469; Open daily, 11-6Place d’Armes metroDowntown: 1245 University Ave; 514.508.9928Monday to Friday, 8-6, Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-6McGill metro; www.lesglaceurs.ca

5. Cocoa Locale

Run by one woman and one woman only, Cocoa Locale is tiny and cute and the goods are fresh and home-made. That the treats usually sell out before closing time is testament to their tastiness (many an afternoon have I walked by the open door only to return an hour or two later to a “Fermé” sign in the window and a disappointed tummy). Located just a block north of the mountain, it’s the perfect spot to grab desserts for an afternoon picnic. The Chocolate-Chai is the best.
Cocoa Locale; 4807 Avenue du Parc; 514.271.7162; Wednesday through Friday, 11-7, Saturday and Sunday 12-5; Parc and Villeneuve bus stop

6. Simply Sweet Cupcakes

Specializing in custom order cakes and cupcakes and delivering 7 days a week, this bakery will make every flavour imaginable – Tiramisu, White Russian, Salted Caramel, Pumpkin, Squash, Coconut, Cookies ‘n Cream AND MORE – or let you create your own. Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and low-calorie options are available. Did I mention they deliver 7 days a week? Because they deliver 7 days a week.
Simply Sweet Cupcakes; http://www.simply-sweet.ca/438.288.3575

~ Lindsay Tapscott