by Molly Duignan

Can you believe storefronts are already celebrating Christmas? I can’t. Because it means I’m way behind on my pre-New-Year’s-resolution resolution.

It happens to every girl at some point, and it’s happening to me now: my favourite winter jeans and holiday dresses don’t fit. There’s a possibility a beach holiday is in my near-Christmas future. This is terrifying to me for a plethora of reasons and I need to get a grip. And, I’m going to do it before Christmas gluttony takes over. I’m putting my fate in the hands of a four-week boot camp with the trained professionals at Get Spun, a boutique gym downtown on Spadina.

My relationship with summer was an affair to remember, but now it’s over. Countless days spent drinking on patios and indulging in a bottomless buffet of craft services (I was working on a TV set) and eight wedding weekends of indulgence. But summer abandoned me for fall, and left me with nothing but 12 pounds of guilty memories and a too-tight wardrobe. So I’m committing to four weeks of hell to get over it.

I do work out. I try to watch what I eat. But there’s always room to improve, and that’s what I’m realistically aiming for. I work and live downtown, and have found an amazing gym that takes the fear and loathing out of going to the gym.

I don’t doubt it will be painful. Get Spun offers unique classes that you can’t find at the likes of big chain gyms, and I’ll try them all by doing four sessions a week, for four weeks.

So check back, and read all about my process of pain – for gain. Can I fight the flab and feel fit? Will I ever wear those jeans without massive muffin top again? Can it happen in time for holiday parties and a potential beach getaway where I’d (GASP!) be forced to wear a bathing suit? Let’s find out…

Check back every Friday to find out how Molly’s challenge is going – and if she can make it out of boot camp alive!