In anticipation for the theatrical release of After The Ball, we’re profiling some of our favourite fashion bloggers from across Canada. We started on the West Coast with Vancouver’s Alex Grant of To Vogue or Bust, and today we’re journeying over the Rocky Mountains to meet Calgarian Amy Nelson, founder of the whimsical and charming style blog, Flying A Kite.

She Does The City: When trying to break into the fashion industry, what’s the best way to make a first impression?

Amy Nelson: As a girl whose spent years blogging and playing dress up as a way to add joy into my life, I would say be ambitious but never forget why you began pursuing these dreams in the first place. Too often, we abandon joy for the sake of follower counts. We forget to love what we do. If you want people to read your blog or be interested in your art, you have to offer them something other people can’t. Be different!

unnamed-7You’ve watched a lot of talented designers succeed and fail. What causes some emerging fashion designers to rise above the rest?

My favorite designers are storytellers. Their fashions are similar to paint upon a canvas. To succeed as an artist or designer, you have to be willing to tell your own story and be creative with your voice.

30 years from now, when trying to describe the fashion trends of 2015 to the next generation, what do you think you will say?

It’s hard for me to imagine what fashion will be like in 30 years! I hope it becomes less about trends and more about self expression. 2015, so far, feels like a giant quilt of trends from all eras. In 30 years, I want to say, people in 2015 wore what they loved.



How does one figure out their own unique style? 

Let yourself dream and be creative with your style. You are the only *you*, let your style be a reflection of your identity.

After The Ball is a modern-day fairytale set in the world of fashion. If someone asked you to describe your Fairytale Fashion story, what would it be?

My fairytale fashion story would be a closet filled with vintage dresses and unique pieces that can be worn happily and worn often.

What are you most happy wearing?

I want to always dress like I am a character from a storybook. It makes me most happy when I am wearing long soft dresses and playful hats. I believe fashion is meant to make you feel creative and good about life. I never want to compromise feeling good for looking good! You can wear pretty & strange garments without feeling like the button on your blouse is going to bust!


Who are your style icons?

Whenever I need to be inspired fashion-wise, I can always count on Japanese street style blogs to encourage me to start dreaming again.

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After The Ball opens in theatres across Canada on February 27th. Watch the trailer now.