CONTEST: Eat Mindfully in 2019! Enter To Win a $150 Gift Card from Mama Earth Organics, Toronto’s Local Food Movement

Mama Earth Organics delivers the best organic produce and artisanal foods right to your door. There is no shortage of grocery/meal-delivery options these days, but here are a few reasons why we stand behind Mama Earth:

1) #FarmersFeedCities: This is a company that supports local farmers, taking time to source produce from the best growers in Ontario. We love that each delivery incorporates locally grown fruits & veggies, a colourful assortment of our province’s rich bounty.

2) Environmentally friendly: Unlike other delivery services that are full of single-use plastic containers and shipping waste, Mama Earth products are delivered in a reusable Tupperware, making it the most green option that doesn’t cost our planet.

3) Fresh and delicious! Health is paramount, and eating a healthy balance of fruits and veggies each week is one aspect of self-care that we’re happy to invest in. 

Beyond this, a colourful Mama Earth Organics box provides the perfect inspiration (as well as ingredients!) for delicious, nutrient-packed meal prep. The mere sight of one of these boxes has us dreaming of the various soups, curries, salads, smoothies, and a myriad of one-pot miracle dishes we can’t wait to test out.


Who wants to kick off 2019 with a $150 gift card from Mama Earth Organics???

You have three ways to enter:

TWITTER: Tweet “Yes please @shedoesthecity! I want to kick off 2019 with mindful eating. Please hook me up with a $150 gift card from @MamaEarthOrg!”

INSTAGRAM+ FACEBOOK: LIKE + COMMENT on contest post + FOLLOW Mama Earth Organics for a chance to win! 

Winner will be selected January 23 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Head to the Mama Earth Organics website to find out more, and brighten up your winter with fresh and local ingredients.

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