Cool Roommates: Teachers Heather and Greg, living in Thailand

Heather and Greg moved to Thailand to teach at an international school in Bangkok in 2010. They planned to stay for a year, but are still there and haven’t yet made plans to leave. There are probably a lot of reasons for this—the rude pun opportunities alone make a strong case—and I would be shocked if their palatial apartment wasn’t one of them. For 26,000 Thai Baht per month (that’s about CND$450 each… kill me.) they have an incredible home base from which to travel Asia, eat dinner overlooking the city, or just hang by the deck of the saltwater roof pool before popping out to a neighbourhood fruit market, whatever. Get your jealous-pants on, guys. Let’s get to it.

WHO: Heather Love, 25, and boyfriend Greg Adams, 28.
WHAT: A one bedroom, one bathroom condominium with balcony, communal gym and outdoor saltwater pool.
WHERE: Bangkok, Thailand
HOW MUCH: CND$900/mth

How long have you two lived in your place?

We moved in on February first. Our lease is until July of next year.

What’s your neighbourhood like?

We have a great neighbourhood. We live close to the sky train so it is easy to get downtown quickly, but our neighborhood is relatively quiet. The sky train stop at Udom Suk just opened recently, which means that the location is still predominantly Thai – white expats in Bangkok tend to live along the skytrain. Within a five minute walk from our apartment you can find Thai markets with fresh vegetables, meats and fish. There are countless soup-stands and noodle shops on our street which makes our neighborhood an awesome place to live.

What made you pick this particular apartment?

We looked at a variety of apartments in this location. Greg and I wanted to live at Udom Suk because our school picks us up each morning from this area. All of our friends moved to this location, so it made sense. Greg fell in love with the apartment because of the flat screen television!

Any issues or problems with your place of residence? Any roommate pet peeves?

Heather: Not really! My roomate pet peeve is that Greg leaves his change around the room, but it isn’t really a problem because I just pocket anything I find! I can get a coffee for 30 Baht, which Greg is almost guaranteed to leave around our house on any given day!

Greg: Heather leaves the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom open. I am constantly closing them to save money: the large part of our electricity bill comes from cooling the rooms with air conditioners. I pretty much have to follow her around the house closing doors as she leaves rooms. Other than that it has been awesome living together!

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

Heather: The wall of pictures: the frames were on the wall when we moved in, so Greg and I were able to print off our favorite pictures from our travels. It makes our apartment feel like home.

Greg: The flat screen TV!

This apartment is gorgeous, but it can’t be the only reason you Lovebirds (see what I did there?) are sticking around Bangkok. What made you extend your trip?

We absolutely love our school, for one thing. The people (staff and students) are fun, friendly and hardworking. Beyond our school community, though, is the incredible expat community that Bangkok offers. Bangkok is such an incredibly dynamic city: there is always something exciting or fun going on. We love being able to jet around South East Asia on weekends and holidays, and we are within a few hours of amazing beaches and jungles. So far we have traveled to Vietnam, India and Laos.

~ Monica Heisey 

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