This past summer, we fell hard for Bridey Elliott as romper-wearing, bicycle-riding Harper in Fort Tilden. The 25-year-old actress and writer is now starring as directionless and self-centered Fiona in the hilarious web series, Roommates. It’s a show that will be enjoyed by anyone who’s ever experienced passive-agressive roomie bullshit that is so intense it becomes comedy. BUT ONLY YEARS LATER.

From her thoughts on string cheese to what she notices while she’s skulking around a house party, get to know Bridey.
What would the receipts in your wallet indicate?

That I shop for groceries at Target.
What does your breakfast time look like?

I’ve been getting into putting sriracha on hard boiled eggs. Usually I pop about two of those bad boys before leaving my house.

What three goals do you have at this very moment?

1) I need a dress for a wedding this weekend and I don’t want it to look like T. J. Maxx but it’s gonna be T.J. Maxx and people are just gonna have to get over it. 2) I’m currently writing a play that desperately needs to be finished, and 3) I need to get a rock hard body for my audition later this week.

What was the last event that you attended that blew your mind?

Human Highway is this crazy movie Neil Young made in the early 80s with Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell and Devo! Triple D! They were showing it at a theater near my house a few months ago and it’s not an amazing movie or anything but it’s so insanely out there and over the top and very fun that it gave me this head buzz of how silly everything is. I felt like a kid rediscovering fun or something. I love seeing a bunch of great actors, really incredibly talented people commit to something so silly. It validates stupidity to me – anything that’s funny is funny.

What makes you happy?

Watching movies and talking about movies makes me happy. My dad and I play a game where we draw certain scenes or famous items from films and we guess the movie. Also: reading books about New York City circa the 70s, watching Judge Judy with my Papaw, laying down with my dog when I’m drunk and pants-ing my mom.

What makes you cringe?

Any topic of conversation picking apart someone’s appearance like, “That actress got so old!!! She was so hot when she was 20.”

What real-life roommate horror story are you wiling to share?

A roommate in college analyzed everything I ate – I developed an eating disorder really fast. She also hooked up with anyone I admitted having feelings for. We’ve remained close, jk.

What, in your opinion, is overrated?

String cheese is overrated. It’s like chewy, salty milk. I liked it as a kid, but come on you guys. No more string cheese, okay?

What three rules should roommates always abide by?

1. Be tidy with your sh*t.

2. Only eat it if you bought it, but don’t if it’s not food.
3. Don’t have sex with your door open (even if it’s cracked just a little, that counts).

When you go to a house party, what details of someone’s home do you notice?

Everything!! My family is so obsessed with interior design. I was raised making sure everything in my room was perfectly clean and gorgeous for company. So when friends don’t make an effort to clean up that immediately sucks. I always notice the tidiness. It doesn’t matter to me as much if it’s not aesthetically pleasing to me. It’s always cool seeing pieces that are unique to someone even if it’s just a topless lady portrait over the toilet or something.

If you had $10K to spend on home decor, right now, what would happen?

I would antique the heck out of my place. I love mixing mid-century with older, more traditional pieces. I love old toys, old film posters, old neon beer ads. I want my place to feel like a cluttered attic that one could relax in.

What do you do often?

I often take walks. I used to be more into running, now it’s walking that seems to organize my thoughts and emotions the best. I am 25 now, so my body is slowing down. Wink, honk. (I often say “honk” at the end of emails.)

Watch Episode 2 of Roommates now.