Cute & Cozy Holiday Looks We Love From LOFT

Have you started thinking about the holidays yet? We have! Between finding the perfect gifts for pals, planning our social calendar and brainstorming crafty excuses to get out of familial obligations (just kidding…or are we?), it’s no secret that December gets stressful in November. And, we haven’t even touched on our outfits. Getting through the holidays takes precise planning. Repeat an outfit and it looks like you wore the same damn dress all December long. Thanks for outing us, ALL SOCIAL MEDIA.

That’s why this holiday season, we’re OVER overdressing! That’s right, we’re talking about taking a cute and casual approach to holiday looks with separates.  We’re mixing and matching cozy, versatile pieces with special touches like (p)leather detailing, intricate piping and SMALL embellishments that don’t break the bank. And, nobody does this better than LOFT. Here are the pieces that we’ll be rocking from the office to our holiday parties.

  1. LOFT pull-over scarf, $59.50 (online/in stores mid-November)
  2. LOFT embellished sweater, $69.50 (available late November);
  3. LOFT turtleneck sweater, $54.50 (available now)
  4. LOFT embellished neckline sweater, $69.50 (available mid-November)
  5. LOFT hat, $34.50 (available online/in stores now)
  6. LOFT necklace, $44.50 (available online/in stores now)
  7. LOFT bracelet, $19.50 each (online/in stores mid-November)
  8. LOFT “love” pouch, $19.50 (available online/in stores now)
  9. LOFT Gold Skirt, $69.50 (available mid-November)
  10. LOFT grey skrt, $59.50 (available now)
  11. LOFT pants, $59.50 (available now)
  12. LOFT embellished belt, $39.50 (in store/online mid-November)
  13. LOFT lace up bootie, $98 (available at


Score a $100 LOFT gift card so you can nab your favourite holiday piece, or two! To enter, tweet: Hi @shedoesthecity & @LOFTCanada, I’m all about looking cute & staying cozy this holiday season!

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