If one of your 2018 intentions is to be more creative and/or productive, start the year off with some inspo and guidance that will set you off in the right direction. Here are five downtown workshops that’ll take you from dreamer to doer.  

The Salvage Creator’s Workshop: Defining Your Creative Process (Saturday January 13, 1 – 4 PM, Shecosystem Coworking & Wellness, $15)

If feeling blocked or aimless is a recurring thing for you, join lifestyle blog The Salvage and other creators for a discussion about the creative process. Give yourself an afternoon to dream up, develop, reinforce and cherish your process, whether you’re a seasoned creator (e.g., an artist, a project manager, blogger, a business owner) or you’re brand new to the idea. Being knee-deep in a project can feel lonely, but it doesn’t have to.

Find Your Flow With Nature’s Timings (Sunday, January 14, 12 – 3 PM, The Rock Store, $75)

If you’re curious about moon phases and manifesting, join this workshop at The Rock Store to find out how the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons can help us clarify our priorities and take action toward our goals with less resistance. Alignment > hustle! Bring your planner and make notes as you’re guided through the year to come.

Manifest Your Intentions For 2018: Chakra Clearing Creative Workshop (Sunday, January 14, 10 – 11 AM, Make Lemonade, 326 Adelaide St. W, $40)

Clear out the heavy energy of the past year and start fresh! Intuitive Wellness Coach Corinne Clapham and Holistic Nutritionist Leanne Weaver will show you how you can connect your emotions with new thought patterns by understanding the body’s chakra system, how to clear blocks using sound meditation, and finally, set your intentions for 2018.

2018 Vision Board Workshop (Sunday, January 14, 10 – 1 PM, The VandenBerg House, 1400 Queen St. W, $45)

Vision boards: a classic and v. well-loved ritual for calling in our desires. If you haven’t made yours yet or don’t really know how to do it, set aside this Sunday morning for manifesting. Materials will be provided, along with guidance from Sheila Doris, who works with clients to develop their visions and then to bring them into reality as an Interior Designer.

Perpetual Calendar Workshop (Saturday, January 14, 1 – 4 PM, 2928 Dundas St West, $55)

For the paper planners out there, this workshop will lead you through the creation of a one-sheet “reminder mandala” with all the birthdays and anniversaries of the special peeps in your life. Unlike your notes section in your phone, this is made to be hung onto. It’ll incorporate the principles of harmony, symmetry and balance and can be decorated with faux calligraphy. Make 2018 the year you forget no one’s day.