We invited Nina K Moore to host her Dearest Anxiety: A Gentle Writing Workshop, as part of our Breathe, Move, Create series this past spring. It was a powerful evening we won’t soon forget, and one of the best virtual events we’ve experienced this year. 

To put our concerns into words, vulnerably spill our thoughts, and listen to women share their thoughts and feelings was medicine we didn’t know we needed back in spring, when case counts were high and vaccine rollout was just starting. We’re certain Nina’s upcoming workshop, in partnership with Laura Repo, Founder of Go Slow Mama, will have a similar therapeutic effect. It also arrives at a time when many of us are feeling anxious and scared as we prepare to send our unvaccinated young children back to school.

As both a seasoned anxiety coach and someone who has lived with anxiety for many years, Nina brings tremendous lived experience to her workshops, and takes great care in providing a comfy space to be creative in.

The story of how she began her writing workshops is an inspirational one. “Anxiety brought journaling back into my life,” she writes. “Today I write about (my) anxiety, about coziness and about going slow. I write lists of what’s in my kitchen cabinet, or of words that start with the letter S. I write down what my daughter says and does and about the way my dad makes coffee. Writing slows me down and lets me notice the delicious details of my life. The very act provides a space to process, helping me let go of pain.” You can read Nina’s full story here

If you are drawn to this but uncertain whether you should attend, the answer is yes, you most definitely should. This workshop welcomes all writing levels, sharing is optional, and if you’d rather turn off your camera, you can do that too. This class is soothing, enjoyable and invaluable. 

Dearest Anxiety: A Gentle Writing Workshop takes place on the last Monday of each month. The next one is happening Monday August 30th, 7:30-9PM, on Zoom. The cost is $10;   reserve your spot here