#DefyNormal: You Are Cordially Invited To Stop A Wedding

Summer is swiftly approaching, and whether you’re aiming to get hitched, pulling bridesmaid duty, or trying to duck out of that invite, some sort of wedding is likely in your future.

But not all marriages are cause for celebration. Around the world, nearly every two seconds a girl under the age of eighteen is married. Child marriage prevents girls from making decisions that affect their lives and bodies and often cuts short their education, which opens more opportunities for skills they need to succeed in life. Globally, 130 million girls are currently out of school.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with global girls’ rights organization Plan International Canada to raise awareness about this issue, and to support their work to Defy Normal, ensuring that every child—especially girls—can achieve their full potential.

“Normal” for too many girls means experiencing roadblocks that challenge their power, freedom and equality as they enter womanhood, which is why Plan International Canada has been working across many countries for decades to help end child marriage through partnerships with parents, lawmakers, community leaders and young people, who are at the forefront of driving real change.

Now, they’re calling on women like you to Defy Normal and help put an end to this practice, once and for all, and to achieve a just world where all girls can thrive.

If we work together, we CAN support girls in becoming empowered, confident women who have the right to decide their own futures. Let’s do this.

Here’s how you can take action:

Visit plancanada.ca to learn more about how a donation can make a difference in ending child marriage and support girls around the world. Take Plan International Canada’s short quiz and test your knowledge of child marriage.

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