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Once I got over my initial anxieties of learning a routine and shedding my clothes, I was totally fine and became a complete sex goddess, the end.

I wish.

Just as I was starting to get used to (sexily) removing elbow-length gloves, thigh-high stockings and stage makeup were thrown into the mix. Truth time – I have always wanted to be the kind of girl that could slowly peel off a pair of stockings in a way that would make even Nicki Minaj say; “That’s how it’s done.”

burlesque undies

To remove them (without putting a hole through the toe, AGAIN) get rid of those heels you are wearing. Bend over, extend your leg and fold them off (without hopping around on one foot). You can either do it on your feet OR with a chair. My favorite method? Bend and begin to remove the stocking, lay back on the chair, extend your leg up and slowly peel that bad boy off. It is both lazy AND sexy. Win-win.

Then: bump ‘n’ grind time. I am a pretty big fan of shaking my booty. My friends tease me that I may actually stand a chance of getting to places on time if I didn’t always feel the need to bust out my own personal dance party while getting ready. My body has a mind of its own.

burlesque bra

Every girl in that room was a different shape and size, and I am sure each came to class with their own private body concerns. The thing is, once you are in a non-judgmental space, you stop worrying about how your body looks and start being intrigued by its capabilities. When you shake your hips, does your ass bounce for an extra second? That’s a good thing. Didn’t think that you could get low to the ground and shake your ass without moving your upper body? Hello previously untapped coordination! The more you shimmy and shake, the more confident you feel – and nothing is sexier than confidence.

Finally, the makeup. We were shown how to contour, shade, and create the perfect red lip and sultry, smoky eye. Makeup is an integral part of performance. It helps you step into character, though it is not to be worn as a mask.  Makeup should be used as a way to show the audience an exaggerated version of your sexy self.

lash application

Another important factor to perfecting the burlesque stage persona is fluttery lashes. Although I have worn false eyelashes on occasion, I really prefer to steer clear, as they are a bitch apply and always feel so heavy on my eyes. Given my aversion to fake lashes, I visited MYNC (282 Queen West) to get my lash extension on. I picked their “Pretty In Mink” package (60 lashes per eye). The process took roughly an hour and I was left with full, flirty lashes that feel natural (I haven’t worn makeup since getting them).

lashes before and after

Next time: costume creation and creating a character. Nikki Nine Doors reporting for duty.

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