Maybe you’re a crafting pro with an Etsy shop, or maybe you’ve never picked up a power drill before. Either way, your creative spirit will feel right at home at The Werk Shop, a maker space located in the west end.

The mission of co-founders Zahra and Jana (both entrepreneurs from Toronto) is to facilitate affordable, design-forward DIY workshops and empower people to take control of their DIY projects fearlessly. They occupy an artsy studio in the basement of Artscape Youngplace Sketch Studios (180 Shaw St), which is sort of like my high school art room: big, spacious, with murals, long tables, concrete floors, and feels like the kind of space you can get messy and learn in.

And THAT I did, last weekend, at their second-ever workshop. (Look how cute and profesh this tea tray and coaster set I made are!)

The session made it easy to make something that seemed totally intimidating, and it required the use of a power drill, which I’d never typically use myself, but – as you can see – I totally got into it. Having this tea tray set will now inspire me to serve my guests tea like an adult, and making it was a super enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I love crafting but tend to stick to more paper crafts and DIY bath things (because coconut oil is life for me). But working with ceramic and cork and an actual power tool opened my crafting horizons up, without being terrifying. I’m probably not going to rush out to buy my own drill, but I’ll definitely return to The Werk Shop. (And I hear there’s a piñata one coming up, which is amazing.)

Making your own anything is so satisfying and empowering. Stay tuned on The Werk Shop site to see what workshops they’ve got coming up and reserve your spot online.