DIY with Limberlina: Instagram Fridge Magnets!

20 minutes / Easy / $3

Summer is a very Instagram-heavy time. We are all doing GREAT work snapping popsicles we’ve eaten and pools we’ve lounged by. The cottage looks better than ever in the soft light of the Valencia filter, and you just can’t stop taking pictures of that cute new friend you made on a patio late one night. What to do with all these memories?

Why, fridge magnets of course! These honour your #SheDoesSummer exploits in the now while also brightening up your home during the dreaded winter months (remember winter? UGH). This craft is super simple but you will need Photoshop (or a friend who knows how to Photoshop). Otherwise, you can easily use any old photos and cut them into whatever shapes you want!


  • Sticky magnet sheets (found at Dollarama)

  • Scissors

  • Photos


  1. Create a new 4×6 in. canvas in Photoshop. Divide the canvas into six sections using the grid/ruler function – 2 in. vertical, 2 in. horizontal and 4 in. horizontal. Drag in your desired Instragram photos (I used to download photos from Laura’s instagram account). Save your file as a .jpg and continue to create as many files as desired.

  2. Head over to your local photo printing shop (I went to Shoppers) or you can print them on your home computer if you have photo paper.

  3. Peel off the paper from the sticky magnet sheet and carefully lay down your 4×6 photo. You should be able to fit two photos on one sheet.

  4. Cut off any excess magnet and proceed to cut your Instagram photos – you can cut them out individually or in ‘photo booth’ strips.

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