Season 2 of The Agents premieres Tuesday night on the W Network and pits Toronto real estate agents against each other in a race to snag the winning bid. It’s not just about hardwood flooring, front pad parking and picturesque views: The night of an offer is like a high stakes poker game, and when big money is combined with volatile emotions, well, shit can hit the fan.

Since there seems to be six gazillion real estate agents in Toronto, there was no shortage of personalities to choose from, but when The Agents Producer, Melissa Coghlan, began the hunt for season 2, it was agent Shirley Yoon who caught her attention: “She’s a total smart-ass, she knows her stuff.” Tenacious, quick and savvy, Shirley is a not-to-be-messed-with agent. We also think she has the best damn hair in the business.

We asked Yoon some revealing questions about the inner happenings in the dramatic world of Toronto real estate. But also fluffy questions, because dream homes are fun:

If you could live anywhere in Toronto, where would you buy?

If I were into houses it would be Walker Ave in Summerhill. It’s a quiet street with gorgeous homes in a stellar neighbourhood.

But I’m a condo-queen, so my dream condo is 1 St Thomas in Yorkville *swoon*.

What part of your job spikes your adrenaline the most?

I’m an offer junkie. I’m seriously addicted to everything about offers – preparing them, presenting them, receiving them and negotiating them. There truly isn’t any better high than getting the deal for your client.

How is being a real estate agent like being a secret agent?

Stake outs, covert missions, confidential files – it’s all the same. But instead of a gun, I carry a vintage Mont Blanc fountain pen to get the “job” done.

What is the most cherished item in your home?

My mother (when she’s around). Notes from my girlfriend and my extensive music collection.

Are you a nester or a percher?


What luxury feature in a home excites you?

It’s super geeky, but I love seeing a home that’s wired throughout with ethernet, phone & cable outlets in every room.

How should first time buyers go about finding an agent?

Working with a real estate agent is a relationship and has to be the right fit. Friends and relatives are a good starting point. You should always interview a few real estate agents to get a feel for their vibe, their expertise, knowledge and professionalism. If you click with an agent and feel confident in their abilities to represent you, then you’re on your way!

What, in your opinion, is the next HOT neighbourhood in Toronto?

Hands down, the Bloor + Lansdowne ‘hood. Exciting things are happening like great brunch spots, hipster bars, galleries and indie shops.

What was the weirdest thing you ever saw in a home and thought, “They should really remove that if they want to sell.”

A criminal, out on parole. Seriously.

What is your #1 tip for first time buyers?

Remember, this is your first house – not your last, so keep your expectations realistic to your price range and compromise is ok.

Your first home is your stepping stone to bigger and better, so you should view it as a small investment.

Tune in to W Network this Tuesday at 8PM for the premiere. (If you didn’t catch on, we are rooting for Shirley!)