THE DEEEEERBY! (What I’m trying to convey here is the ridiculous pseudo-British accent I put on every time I talk about the Kentucky Derby, which I realize makes no sense.) This weekend, the annual celebration of horses and hats goes down, and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up our favourite equestrian-inspired wearables to “sport” while sipping a mint julep. 

1. Odette Dala Horse Necklace, $110 from Magic Pony

2. Baxter Fedora, $90 from Philistine

3. Everly All The Pretty Horses Dress, $88 from Bicyclette Boutique

4. Shop for Jayu Horseshoe Studs, $16 

5. a.p.c. Classic Western Boot,  $585 from Gravity Pope

6. Puff Sleeve Blazer in Seersucker, $218 from J. Crew