Here’s a fun holiday fact: 23% of Canadians would prefer to clean their toilet than hit a mall to shop the week before Christmas. Now that’s the spirit!

Close your eyes and imagine rushing up a crowded escalator with bags full of bulky gifts. You aresweating in your down coat and need to find a washroom but nothing is in sight. Your arm is dripping with peppermint latte that is spilling from a broken cup, you try to gracefully lick it but get knocked as someone aggressively tears past. OUCH! ERR! Of course, The Chipmunks Christmas song is blaring, once again, and you begin to feel ill from the chicken fried rice you just scarfed down in the food court. NO! NO! NO! Malls are CRAZY. I don’t know about you but I would much rather whip out my Amex card and shop online!

We’ve figured out just how to set the elegant online shopping scene. Start by getting cozy in your flannel jammies, heat up a hot cup of spiced cider and cue up the Ella Fitzgerald Christmas song about chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Once this is done, flip to the Amex Holiday Hotlist to start the ideas flowing. You could even add a side dish of freshly baked shortbread cookies for absolute online shopping perfection. Mmmm…yes,we do know how to do it!

The Amex Holiday Hotlist lets you browse a variety of cool gifts for everyone on your list. You can make a list for things you want or things you want to give. We’ve done a combo. No, the Deluxe Townhouse Playset is for our niece but yes, the Furby is for us. We’ve checked the bottle of Tom Ford cologne for our lover, who may also get a nice cozy sweater from Harry Rosen. We are totally hoping someone notices that we checked off the Dyson Animal vacuum and Rebecca Minkoff clutch… ahem, for us.

Some people are still scared to shop online. IT’S 2012!!! If you shop with your credit card, like an Amex, you’re purchases are protected with Fraud Protection and Buyers Assurance. Seriously, make your life easier and do the online shopping thing. No lines! No fuss! Instead of racing from one side of the mall to the other, you can laze around on your couch – heck, light a fire – and browse at your leisure until you find exactly the right gift at the right price.

See all the gifts we chose atAmexHotlist.caand start making your own list to share with your friends and family!