Jib Jab, home of the personalized e-card, has added the Jib Jab Holiday Collection to help you send merry wishes from far afield.  Does the end of term/work season have you feeling like an overworked, underpaid 19th century minion? Head over to the Dickens’ Christmas Carol motif and insert your face onto poor Bob Cratchit’s body. Extra points if you can get a picture of your boss/prof’s head to place atop the body of Scrooge (minus points if they catch you). Some of the cards require signing up for a membership ($1 a month), but others, like the original Jib Jab holiday card, Elf Yourself or the bell-bottomed Holiday Disco are free. Simply upload a few pics of yourself and voila! You’re a break-dancing elf back-spinning out some serious holiday greetings.

Another free e-card website is Portable North Pole. To prepare a message, first choose who it is meant for: toddlers, older kids, or grown-ups, and then their relationship to you, sister, friend, cousin, niece etc… The completed message features Santa speaking to your recipient by name (sometimes hilariously botching the pronunciation) and congratulating her for her efforts this year, ranging from real achievements like “graduating college” to funnier ones like  “picking up your undies off the floor.” Even humbugs will get a kick out a personalized message from Santa!